Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Insanity Reigns Supreme - Occultus Insanus Damnatus (2009)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Belgium

This is the new album from this awesome Doom Death band. This last album has aggressive passages, fast melodies, slow interludes, crushing compositions, blast beats, brutal Death growls and deep grunts. Highly recommended!

1.Summoning the Ancients 00:13
2.Death Cult Manifest 05:28
3.Cultus Insanus Damnatus 04:55
4.Deus Serpentis 05:11
5.Rise of the Beast 00:51
6.Legion 03:19
7.Insane Cult of Doom 05:44
8.Worship 05:00
9.The Storm Unleashed 00:32
10.Dark From the Soul 04:31
11.We the Gods 00:32

Total playing time 36:16

Other releases from Insanity Reigns Supreme :

And Darkness Drowned the Land Divine (1998)

Preludes of Darkness (Best of Compilation - 1999)

Prophecy of Doom (2003)


Death said...

Awesome! I didn't know they were recording a new album. Thanks! BTW, did you want to say: Blast Beats instead of Beast Blasts?

Anonymous said...
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