Saturday, December 13, 2008

Virgin Black - Elegant...and Dying (2003)

Genre : Symphonic Doom / Melancholic Doom
Country : Australia

This is the second Virgin Black's album. In this album they realized their most painful work with sorrow, anguish, depression, misery and hopeless. The clean vocals are very melancholic accompanied by some powerful growls. The keyboards, Piano and cello are perfect. The classical atmosphere is amazing, with tunes very well performed. This album is the most soft work of the band, but full of misery and despair; is one of the masterpieces.
Highly recommended... This is painful!!!
1.Adorned in Ashes 06:18
2.Velvet Tongue 08:25
3.And The Kiss of God's Mouth Part I 01:26
4.And The Kiss of God's Mouth Part II 06:19
5.Renaissance 07:02
6.The Everlasting 19:57
7.Cult of Crucifixion 09:03
8.Beloved 07:27
9.Our Wings Are Burning 08:26

Total playing time 01:14:27

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A master piece.........