Monday, February 23, 2009

Erased of Aarni links!

The band Aarni today makes my day, with 2 aggressive mails and fuck*** bad words!

In conclusion, I will erase these fuck*** Aarni files today. Only have caused discussion and problems all this day!


Anodynes said...
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Anodynes said...

Now they lost my respect...I have most of their albums on my cd collection but I will think again on buying again their music..

Anonymous said...

Doom metal suffers from a lack of visibility, it's the main problem of our music in my opinion. And I think this kind of blog may be an answer to this problem.
The band doesn't want doomstermaniac's advertising ? All right, it's their choice, we just have to respect it and not listening their music without their authorization.
(Personally, since I have internet I never buy an album without listening it before, so bye bye Aarni)

Anonymous said...

As iiiiii said... bye bye Aarni. Do they think that they are too popular?
They haven't understand yet that this is the future of commercial for the music. The years that we brought an album without listened before had passed. We have seen Radiohead to do that... we have seen Nine inch nails to do that and who they are Aarni to have problem! The problem is their stupidity. (And something else, Aarni (αρνί) in Greek means sheep!

Anonymous said...

Thats what happened when someones head takes so much air from publicity my friend Doomstermaniac..Never mind man u do an excellent job with the blog and dont u leave anyone to say otherwise...I respect every band but i dislike this attitude..After all you only make them good by advertising their band and if they dont see that then.. who gives a shit! and as anonymous said we Greeks mean aarni (αρνί) a sheep ;)

Keep it LOUD man!