Monday, March 23, 2009

Ea - Ea II (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : United States

Second full-length from Ea, the mysterious Funeral Doom band. In this album Ea continuous in their funereal style, with solid melodies, melodic riffs, slowest rhythm, depressive melodies, mournful atmosphere, tons of melancholy, acousitc moments, sorrowful keyboards, sacral organ, classical arrangements, majestic sound, deep grunts, whispering vocals and some solemn choirs.
Highly recommended!!!

This album is simply amazing, and excellent for all funereal Doomsters. It's a masterpiece of this great band!!!

1.Untitled 22:05
2.Untitled 25:21

Total playing time 47:26

Link to the first album from Ea :

Ea Taesse (2006)


Anonymous said...

tanx for this album. and please check *Hjarnidaudi* page, have problem. Om!d.

Arkantos said...

You guys are awesome... The album you post are WONDERFUL!!!! I'm gonna buy EA Taesse and EA II.

Thank you from Italy!!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Their first album was a very great surprise and this one seems excellent too, perhaps even better !

The year 2009 begins well for the funeral doomsters (Ea, Colosseum... and I also have great expectations for the new Longing For Dawn)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that man! Its a superb band..

catskin_gloves said...

Well done! Reminds of old Mournful Congregation, but with keys

Funeral doom is the TRUE DOOM.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you castkin Funeral is the true DOOM de best ever and fuck droners.

Sacris said...

This record is great..........

Unknown said...

And awesome recording, really this band rocks ! ! ! ! .

Anonymous said...


Luxferre said...

Exelente disco!
gracias a esta banda soy más amigo del funeral doom
se agradece el aporte!
saludos doomstermaniac!