Thursday, April 23, 2009

Akelei - Promo '08 (Demo 2008)

Genre : Melodic Depressive Doom
Country : Netherlands

This is the first release of this interesting band. Akelei is formed by Misha Nuis (vocals on Semper Dolens), Pascal Vervest (guitars on Faal) and Ward Maaswinkel (drums/vocals on Faal). They play Melodic Doom with depressive melodies full of melancholy and agony. The sorrowful vocals accompanied by mournful guitars create a tragic atmosphere. This Demo is highly recommended for all nostalgic souls around this miseries world!

For fans of Semper Dolens, The Fall of Every Season, Hanging Garden, Autumnal, and other depressive bands.

1.Middag 06:13
2.Pijnschrift 08:11
3.De Zin (die ik verloor) 10:10
4.Herfst en de Weduwnaar 14:38

Total playing time 39:14


iiiiiii said...

Excellent demo !
I hope an album will follow soon, because this band is really promising.

Custodio said...

This demo in realy rules!! Some parts reminded me to ...And Here I Lie using clean vocals. We'll be waiting for a full-length!!

Anonymous said...

Not like at all is the same sound of anothers bands, but its ok for a Demo!!!.