Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aura Hiemis - While The Rest of the World Sleep... (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom/Melodic Doom Death
Country : Chile

Second full-length of this excellent band. In this album they mix Funeral Doom with Melodic Doom Death, you can find tracks in both styles. It's a great album with perfect sound and awesome quality.

The riffs are crushing with rhythm changes and very well performed. The melodies are melancholic tragedies full of agony, anguish, depression, despair, sadness, solitude, misery and infinite pain.

This album is one of the best CDs that I have heard lately. It's an elegy of absolute melancholy. Highly recommended!!!

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1.V Demonae 09:02
2.Chained & Bonded 10:10
3.Whispers In The Dark 12:34
4.Made To Lose It All 06:53
5.A Morning To Fade Away 12:51
6.The Silent Cry (Forest of Shadows Cover) 04:46

Total playing time 56:16

Other releases of the band :

Aura Hiemis - Terra Umbrarum / Ruin and Misery (2005)

Aura Hiemis - Maeror Demens (2006)

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maxch78 said...

muy bueno el album Chile al parecer cada día se especializa en este género será que es el último país del mundo??

gracias compañero por compartir tan buena música en general y bien el hecho de que coloques además el lugar donde poder comprar el albúm

saludos desde valparaíso