Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Church of Misery - Houses of the Unholy (2009)

Genre : Stoner Rock/Doom Metal
Country : Japan

This is the new album of the band, they continue playing Stoner Doom with 60's and 70's Rock influences, distorted melodies, heavy riffs, psychedellic passages, rhythm changes, and harsh clean vocals. The lyrics are based on serial killers. Highly recommended for fans of this style!

1.El Padrino (Adolfo De Jesus Constanzo) 08:51
2.Shotgun Boogie (James Oliver Huberty) 04:16
3.The Gray Man (Albert Fish) 05:46
4.Blood Sucking Freak (Richard Trenton Chase) 08:34
5.Master Heartache 05:17
6.Born To Raise Hell (Richard Speck) 07:33
7.Badlands (Charles Starkweather & Caril Fugate) 07:58

Total playing time 48:15

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I've been waiting for this for months. Thanks so much!