Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Penuria - Time Is Agony (Single 2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Chile

Interesting release of this new band. Their style is Funeral Doom in the best vein of Shape of Despair, Mournful Congregation and other funereal bands. Highly recommended!

1.Time is Agony 16:08

Total playing time 16:08


Alejandro said...

Espere por mucho tiempo escuchar a esta banda, me habian hablado mucho de ella, gracias doomster, como siempre haces un gran trabajo =D

Anonymous said...

Not bad at all, but not like the best Shape of Despair vein, maybe in 1000 years..

Anonymous said...

I listen the other songs from this new band in their myspace , and after that I think they only has good luck in times is agony song, because the other songs are ambient gothic very crap with an awful voice.

If anyone can hear that :

Anonymous said...

About the comment number 3, that you say is truth the others songs are gothic and very crappy, maybe because the chilean guy only do that funeral doom song because He want to probe that style for experiment. I read that on an interview for a chilean blog, so that guy is not a real doomster is only a copy cat.