Friday, August 21, 2009

Clapatria - Fall (2008)

Genre : Gothic Doom
Country : Sweden

This is the first album of the band. Their style is Gothic Doom with melodic riffs, symphonic arrangements, rhythm changes, excellent melodies, enigmatic interludes, clean vocals, some Death grunts, and awesome female vocals. This band is highly recommended!

1.Fall 01:38
2.Free From Pain 06:41
3.Deceptive Paths 05:36
4.Misty Air 04:21
5.Hibernate 04:11
6.Lightwaves 04:43
7.The Truth Forlorn 06:33
8.Wilderness 03:29
9.The Atmosphere 05:46
10.The Witness Of My Mind 05:34

Total playing time 48:32

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