Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nyctophobia - Arid (2009)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : England

Nyctophobia plays claustrophobic Funeral Doom with obscure atmospheres, sinister passages, ultra-slow riffs, distorted guitars, bleak keyboards, gloomy melodies, infernal sounds. and cavernous grunts. This band not plays beautiful melodies, but plays a pavorous Funeral Doom, for the darkest days of your life. Recommended!
1.Thirst 18:06
2.Under the Midday Sun 18:08
3.Exhaustion 10:16

Total playing time 46:30


anddarknessshallembraceme said...
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anddarknessshallembraceme said...

This sounds the ideal way to end a heavy working week many thanks

Mnw Films said...

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