Sunday, September 27, 2009

Resonance Room - Unspoken (2009)

Genre : Progressive Gothic Doom
Country : Italy

Debut album from Resonance Room. They play Gothic Doom with Progressive Metal influences, melodic guitars, intricate riffs, rhythm changes, sorrowful melodies, bleak keyboards, depressive clean vocals and some deep grunts. Highly recommended for fans of The Foreshadowing, Novembre, Serenades, The Prophecy, Dark Suns, etc.

1.Unreason 01:45
2.Escape 05:51
3.Far From Grace 04:53
4.Maybe You Are... 08:02
5.The Warmth Of Life 04:04
6.Frost And Emptiness 05:44
7.Bloodred 04:22
8.A Prayer 04:35
9.Instants Of Madness 04:23
10.While I'll Burn 05:26
11.Unspoken 08:30

Total playing time 57:35

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anddarknessshallembraceme said...

Never heard of these before. . many thanks