Sunday, September 6, 2009

Altar of Oblivion - Sinews of Anguish (2009)

Genre : Epic Heavy Doom
Country : Denmark

Awesome first album from this excellent band. They play Epic Doom with crushing Heavy influences, melodic riffs, guitar solos, strong melodies, rhythm changes, sorrowful passages, Epic vocals and choirs. This album is highly recommended!!!
Thanks for this excellent contribution to my friend NecroGabo!

1.The Final Pledge 05:23
2.Wrapped in Ruins 06:15
3.Behind the Veil of Nights 07:19
4.My Pinnacle of Power 09:12
5.A Retreat into Delusions 06:17
6.Casus Belli 05:35
7.Stainless Steel 07:08
8.Sinews of Anguish 11:08

Total playing time 58:17

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anddarknessshallembraceme said...

Yet another gem from you. . many thanks