Friday, September 25, 2009

Nox Aurea - Via Gnosis (2009)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Sweden
Excellent first album from Nox Aurea! The band plays Melodic Doom Death full of melancholy and darkness, with melodic riffs, depressive keyboards, mournful melodies, obscure atmosphere, beautiful passages, rhythm changes, some classical arrangements, deep grunts, dying clean vocals, and some female voices. This album is really interesting and recommended for fans of early Draconian.
Highly recommended!!!
1.Opus Draconus 01:55
2.The Funeral Of All 10:15
3.Odium Divinum 07:48
4.Suffer 11:09
5.Distant Stars 02:18
6.Nights in Solitude 10:04
7.Last Amongst Earth And Sky 08:59
8.Mother Alethia 12:28
9.Via Gnosis 06:25

Total playing time 01:11:21


Anonymous said...

Great Album ...
Death Vocals and Female are the masterpiece of Doom !
Thanks !!!

Void said...

Very atmospheric!!! and cool sound!!!.

Mariska said...

Fantastic album!!!