Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paradise Lost - Icon (1993) Classic Album

Genre : Melodic Doom Metal
Country : England
Link Reuploaded!

This album is one of the best releases from Paradise Lost, in their best era. This release contains classics in the Doom genre like "True Belief", "Embers Fire", "Joys of the Emptiness, "Colossal Rains", etc. Icon is one of the classic albums in the genre. Highly recommended!!!

1.Embers Fire 04:44
2.Remembrance 03:26
3.Forging Sympathy 04:44
4.Joys of the Emptiness 03:29
5.Dying Freedom 03:44
6.Widow 03:04
7.Colossal Rains 04:36
8.Weeping Words 03:51
9.Poison 03:00
10.True Belief 04:30
11.Shallow Seasons 04:55
12.Christendom 04:31
13.Deus Misereatur 01:58

Total playing time 50:32

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Nocturnal said...

my favourite band of all times and for eternity