Sunday, October 11, 2009

Abstract Spirit - Tragedy and Weeds (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

This is the second album of this excellent band. Crushing Funeral Doom with slow riffs, melodic guitars, sinister atmosphere, obscure keyboards, desolate melodies, and cavernous grunts. This album could be the best performance from Abstract Spirit.
Highly recommended!!!

1.Tragedy and Weeds 12:17
2.Funeral Waltz 09:12
3.Crucifixion without Regret 11:19
4.Face the Nightmare 11:36
5.Wrapped in Solitude 10:27
6.Sepulchral Winter 13:20

Total playing time 01:08:11


anddarknessshallembraceme said...

As always many thanks for bringing music I never see in my part of England

RMG said...