Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vhernen - The Funeral Era (2009)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Black Doom
Country : Faroe Islands

This album contains the best songs from this mournful band. The band plays Ambient Funeral Doom with Black influences, very obscure atmosphere, slow riffs, distorted guitars, crushing melodies, sinister passages, sorrowful moments, and screaming vocals. This album is highly recommended!

1.Eclipse 00:57
2.Requiem 10:24
3.No Forgiveness 10:08
4.Untitled 01:15
5.In Equinox 08:03
6.Sepulchral Sorrow 12:00
7.Syberia 05:32
8.Tundrha 05:14
9.Numb 04:33
10.Funeral Aurora 05:01

Total playing time 01:03:07

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