Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leather Nun - Tools of the New Church (2007)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United States

This is the second album of this interesting band. It's Traditional Doom with Old School influences, heavy riffs, guitar solos, crushing melodies and excellent clean vocals. Highly recommended!

Note : With this album I complete the discography of the band!

1.Leather Nun 04:11
2.Going South 03:46
3.The Process 06:02
4.Dixie Proud 05:06
5.Inner Sanctum 03:39
6.Soulless 04:07
7.Indra 04:05
8.Riffer 02:48
9.Perpetual Motion 04:05

Total playing time 37:49

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Anonymous said...

Havent seen this before...great band