Monday, October 26, 2009

Fatum Elisum - Fatum Elisum (2009)

Genre : Doom Death/Melodic Doom Death
Country : France

In these days I don't have many time to write reviews or comments, but this album deserves it!

Fatum Elisum is other awesome band from France (Rouen), and this band has taken the best influences of the Doom Death Metal. Their music captures the true essence of this magnificent genre. They mix ultra-slow riffs (if you want Funeral Doom passages), with fast and apocalyptic soundscapes, obscure melodies, melodic riffs, old school influences, some clean chants, scream growls and deep grunts.

The melodies are the essence of this world, misery, agony, pain, suffering, solitude, sadness, and absolute melancholy. If you want to suffer, hear this album will be enjoyable!...
Definitively one of the best albums of the year!

This album is for fans of Ataraxie ('Slow Trascending Agony'), Imindain, Mourning Dawn, Funeralium, and My Dying Bride.

1.Eli Eli 00:49
2.In Vain 12:40
3.Phantom 16:11
4.Fatum Elisum 10:36
5.Dancer of Spirals 12:37
6.Lama Sabachthani 01:12

Total playing time 54:05


alejandro said...

tremenda descripcion, debe ser un tremendo disco, vere que tal, y ssi me gusta lo comprare, aunque por lo que lei, este disco debe ser simplemente buenisimo

gracias doomstermaniac

Anonymous said...

Amazing album!!!!

Void said...

Hey men, thanks for this!!! really this band rocks!!!.

F ábio said...

the album art is wrong.. this one is from the DEMO (which is basically the same thing). source: metal-archieves.

This album is great.