Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ataraxie / Imindain - Bethlehems Bastarde (Split 2009)

Awesome Split from Ataraxie and Imindain, the best Split ever released!... Each band plays one Bethlehem cover, the other tracks are new songs in the vein of old Bethlehem!... These bands like we know have many influences from this cult band. This release is depressive, brutal, psychotic and obscure!
Highly recommended!!!


Genre : Funeral Black Doom Death
Country : France

1.Aphel - Die Schwarze Schlange (Bethlehem Cover) 09:06
2.Der Bartige Masochist 14:10


Genre : Doom Death with Black influences
Country : England

1.Strangle Me 07:25
2.Selbstormd 06:44
3.Tagebuch einer Totgeburt (Bethlehem Cover) 04:32

Total playing time 41:57

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