Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sacrum - Res Sacra Miser (1996/Re-released 2001)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Poland

This is the first full-length from Sacrum. The band plays Doom Death with melodic riffs, keyboards, atmospheric passages, guitar solos, some clean vocals and deep grunts. This band is very interesting!

1.Finis Coronat Opus 05:36
2.Set Tibi Terra Levis 08:34
3.Dictum Acerbum 04:15
4.Dis Aliter Visum 04:00
5.Res Sacra Miser 02:40
6.Ad Patres 06:57
7.Magni Nominis Umbra 08:14
8.Lux in Tenebris 04:26
9.Forgotten Beginning (Bonus Track) 05:23
10.Symptom of the Universe (Bonus Track - Black Sabbath Cover) 03:55

Total playing time 54:00

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