Monday, December 14, 2009

Cemetary - An Evil Shade Of Grey (1992)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Sweden

Cemetary is one of the best Swedish Doom bands of the early 90's. Their style changes in each album. In this first album the band plays Old School Death Doom with aggressive riffs, crushing melodies and obscure passages. In the 2nd album 'Godless Beauty', perhaps their best release, their sound is melodic with beautiful passages, and melancholic moments. The 3rd album is Melodic Doom with Gothic influences, this album marked the definitive change in their sound. These 3 first albums of the band are highly recommended!!!

Note : Cemetary has 6 albums, the 3 first in the Doom vein!

1.Dead Red 04:14
2.Where the Rivers of Madness Stream 04:35
3.Dark Illusions 03:15
4.An Evil Shade of Grey 05:19
5.Sideral Passing 04:41
6.Scars 03:19
7.Nightmare Lake 05:44
8.Souldrain 04:52

Total playing time 35:59

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Abthalom said...

mmmmmm demasiado plana , no hay una sola pizca de variacion tonal en la voz, y kizas las compocisiones pertenecen muchas veces a un trash bien parecido al doom mas k death doom.