Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lilith - Monolith (2007)

Genre : Black Doom
Country : Bolivia

This is the second full-length from Lilith. Their style is Black Metal with Doom influences, melodic riffs, raw passages, agressive moments, crushing melodies, and screaming growls. Recommended for extreme doomsters!

1.Blackheart 05:43
2.Monolith Of Death 05:21
3.Full Moon Pleasure 06:27
4.Death By Tact 05:23
5.Master Of Chaos 07:14
6.Warriors From The Dark Side 05:08
7.Ceremony Of Blood And Lust 04:32
8.Equinox 04:17
9.Magick And The Serpent 05:34
10.The Night And The Dark River 07:17

Total playing time 56:56

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