Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cultus Sanguine - Shadows' Blood (1997)

Genre : Blackened Dark Gothic Doom
Country : Italy

Cultus Sanguine is a very obscure Italian band that plays Dark Gothic Doom with Black influences in their first release; melodic riffs, rhythm changes, obscure atmospheres, awesome gothic cathedral organ, sinister passages, mournful moments, screaming vocals and clean voices. This album is highly recommended!

1.The Calling Illusion 04:42
2.Il Sangue 05:56
3.Shadow's Blood 04:33
4.We Have No Mother 05:09
5.The Graves Forgot My Name 04:28
6.Lady Of Lies 04:42
7.On These Nocturnal Wings 04:11
8.Le Tombe 02:07
9.Silent Tunes Of Falling Blood 03:38
10.Among Shadows 02:26

Total playing time 41:52


Anonymous said...

muito foda esse album do cultus, eu já sacava ele de tempos atrás e recomendo ele a todos que querem ouvir um dark metal gelado e obscuro!

tania said...

Pase mucho tiempo sin saber quien tocaba "Il sangue", me gusto mucho el disco...