Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fall of the Idols - The Womb of the Earth (2006)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Finland
Fall of the Idols plays Doom Metal with Traditional and some Epic Doom influences. In their first two demos the sound has hardcore influences, after the band has moved to most Traditional sound, released 2 excellent albums. All these releases are recommended!

1.Sown are the Seeds of Doom 08:03
2.Atonement for the One 07:37
3.The Grand Act 05:12
4.Agonies be thy Children 07:55
5.Keep Wandering the Night 07:16
6.Ungodly Thirteen 08:08
7.The Walk 05:03
8.The Pathway 15:51

Total playing time 01:05:05

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