Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Symphony of Grief - Our Blessed Conqueror (EP 1995)

Genre : Death Doom with Funeral influences
Country : United States
Bitrate : 192 Kbps
Symphony of Grief plays Death Doom with old school influences, raw melodies, slow interludes, aggressive moments, obscure atmosphere, and deep grunts. This band is recommended for fans of Winter, Asphyx, Disembowelment, Indesinence, Thergothon, etc.
Their best release may be "Our Blessed Conqueror" with many ultra-slow melodies, and almost Funeral Doom/Death rhythm.
All their releases are highly recommended!

1.Toth Amon/Your Fallen Domain 08:05
2.Wars of Vengeance 06:43
3.Cast Upon Flames 03:35
4.Spectral Voice (Intro) 02:02
5.Immortal Fluids 04:52

Total playing time 25:17

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