Monday, July 13, 2009

Novembers Doom - Into Night's Requiem Infernal (2009)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : United States

This is the last album from Novembers Doom, it's a crushing release with strong guitars, melodic riffs, powerful melodies, slow interludes, fast passages, guitar solos, obscure atmosphere, brutal moments, aggressive grunts and excellent clean vocals. This release is one of the most crushing and aggressive works from the band. Highly recommended!

1.Into Night's Requiem Infernal 05:46
2.Eulogy for the Living Lost 06:30
3.Empathy's Greed 06:17
4.The Fifth Day of March 05:16
5.Lazarus Regret 03:06
6.I Hurt Those I Adore 05:47
7.The Harlots Lie 05:32
8.When Desperation Fills the Void 06:44

Total playing time 44:58


Zalakajin said...

Great album! Can't wait for see them at Madrid in september.

Anonymous said...

what a excellent album!
They only get better and better with each of their releases.

thanks for the good job you make, btw!

Anonymous said...

the link was blocked....

Anonymous said...

Here you have a new link men from another blog, it still workin 5