Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Asphyx - The Rack (1991)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Netherlands

Asphyx plays Old School Death/Doom with raw riffs, crushing melodies, slow passages, aggressive moments, rhythm changes, and awesome brutal growls. Asphyx is one of the most apocalyptic in the genre, their melodies are really obscure, destructive and solid. All their albums are highly recommended!!!

1.The Quest of Absurdity 01:21
2.Vermin 04:02
3.Diabolical Existence 03:55
4.Evocation 05:31
5.Wasteland of Terror 02:16
6.The Sickening Dwell 04:15
7.Ode to a Nameless Grave 02:55
8.Pages in Blood 04:08
9.The Rack 09:05

Total playing time 37:28

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