Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 11th Hour - Burden of Grief (2009)

Genre : Epic Doom/Melodic Doom Death
Country : Netherlands

Awesome album from this new band integrated by members from 'Edge of Sanity', 'Gorefest', 'Officium Triste', 'Dark Suns', 'Ayreon', etc... The band plays magnificent Epic Doom mixed with Melodic Doom Death, creating the most wonderful Doom Metal that you can hear.

This album contains crushing guitar, awesome melodic riffs, obscure and sorrowful atmosphere, beautiful melodies, slow tempo, melancholic passages, bleak keyboards, epic chants, and deep grunts. This album is other great release of this year, one of the most prolific years in the Doom Metal history, with lots of great albums. This album is absolutely recommended!!!

For fans of Isole, Candlemass, Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth, My Dying Bride, and more...

1.One Last Smoke 06:43
2.In the Silent Grave 08:22
3.Origins Of Mourning 11:05
4.Weep For Me 08:52
5.Atonement 07:44
6.Longing For Oblivion 09:40

Total playing time 52:29


Custodio said...

Impresionante disco!! en verdad lo disfruté y concuerdo contigo, esto es de lo mejor del año!!

Anonymous said...

Great Doom! One of the best in the last five years!

catskin_gloves said...

Uck. The clean vox sound wimpy...