Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tribute to Thergothon - Rising of Yog-Sothoth (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death

This is the awaited (for many years!) Tribute to Thergothon, the godfathers of the Funeral Doom. This compilation includes many of the best Funeral Doom and Doom Death bands, like Worship, Evoken, Mournful Congregation, Officium Triste, Asunder, etc.
This album is highly recommended for all Funeral Doom lovers!

Disc 1

1.Asunder - Who Rides the Astral Wings 11:01
2.Officium Triste - Crying Blood and Crimson Snow 04:59
3.Evoken - Yet the Watchers Guard 08:48
4.Imindain - Everlasting 06:09
5.Colosseum - The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste 03:47
6.Mournful Congregation - Elemental 09:14
7.Worship - Evoken 09:40
8.Umbra Nihil - The Twilight Fade 03:26
9.Persistence in Mourning - Dancing in the Realm of Shades 04:20

Disc 2

1.Nojda - Evoken 07:34
2.Otzepenevshiye - The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste 07:10
3.Krohm - Everlasting 05:29
4.Inter Arbores - Who Rides the Astral Wings 08:25
5.Astral Sleep - Yet the Watchers Guard 09:03
6.Aarni - Verivaikerrus Hurmehanki 05:10
7.Axis of Advance - Elemental 08:28
8.Singultus - The Twilight Fade 02:14

Total playing time 01:55:15

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2 (Includes Complete Booklet)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for uploading this!

are you sure the sixth track of the first cd is by Mournful Congregation??

it sounds quite awfull in fact!

Anonymous said...

me again!
it doesn't sound so terrible really. But more Rigor Sardonicus than MC!...

Misfits said...

Thanks Doomster for posting this up.
I was expecting more from Mournful Congregation. Specially with that song, which is the best in my opinion by Thergothon. They did a pretty poor job. I liked Axis of Advance version more than MC.

Doomstermaniac said...

Yes, the sixth track is by Mournful Congregation and the sound is very primitive(see the booklet).

Anonymous said...

personally, i think MC just wanted to keep true to the original, which they did quite well.

RMG said...

Asunder it's bomba!!!!!!!!!!!!