Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hanging Garden - TEOTWAWKI (2009)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Finland

This is the second release of the band. In this album they play Melodic Doom Death with Gothic influences, crushing guitars, melancholic passages, mid tempo, rhythm changes, and aggressive moments. For me the sound is a bit modern in this album, the rhythm is more fast, but the songs are interesting.
Highly recommended for fans of this genre!

1.Where Serpents Dwell 05:05
2.The Blackbirds 07:22
3.Hands That Decay 07:55
4.Times of Disgrace 07:35
5.Wolves Cry Out 09:42
6.Oceans Away 07:30
7.The Fires of Sheol 07:37
8.Inherit the Eden 05:43

Total playing time 58:29

Link to the first album :

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