Monday, November 9, 2009

Abandon - The Dead End (2009)

Genre : Disc 1 : Sludge Doom
Disc 2 : Atmospheric Sludge Doom w/ Instrumental Passages
Country : Sweden
Awesome third album of the band. They play Sludge Doom with Atmospheric elements, distorted guitars, melodic riffs, crushing melodies, bleak keyboards, instrumental passages, slow tempo, aggressive moments, and furious growls. Highly recommended!

Disc 1

1.Bitter the Surface 04:19
2.Pitch Black Hole 08:18
3.Lost We Are 13:51
4.Falling Into Place 04:05
5.Eulogy 03:50
6.In Reality Suffer 11:06

Disc 2

1.For Crumbs We Crawl 02:50
2.The Dead End 13:42
3.It's All Gone 17:17
4.There Is No Escape 08:19
5.Eulogy 18:50

Total playing time 01:46:27


dk said...

"In reality we suffer" released 7 yrs ago has always been one of my favourite doom record; Thx to post this one. RIP Johan Carlzon.

Custodio said...

yeah! I love "in reality we suffer" too!! still I haven't listened well to this new one, but in my the first listening it sounds very good. Gracias Doomstermaniac por lo nuevo de Abandon!