Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent of Time (2009) Official Release

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Russia

This is the second album from 'The Morningside'. They play Doom Death with melodic Riffs, awesome melodies, acoustic passages, great atmosphere, and semi-screamed vocals. Not confuse this album with the Demo released in March 2009, many of these songs have different playing time.

In some passages, the sound of this album remind me 'Paradise Lost' (Icon/Draconian Times) and 'Daylight Dies'. The screaming vocals sound a bit like 'Agalloch'. This album is highly recommended!!!

1.Intro 04:20
2.14 06:15
3.The Autumn People 09:11
4.Insomnia 06:39
5.Moving Crosscurrent of Time 08:59
6.The Outcome (Admit One) 09:58
7.Outro 06:53

Total playing time 52:15

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