Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Wreath - A Pyre of Lost Dreams (2009)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : Denmark

Awesome debut album from 'Black Wreath'. Their sound is very original, obscure, bleak, and crushing. The melodies are desolation, solitude, despair, darkness and sorrow.
This album is highly recommended!
Note : This band has members from 'Saturnus', 'Blazing Eternity', 'The Loveless' and 'On The Wand & The Moon'.

1.The Black Holes Of Your Mind 15:29
2.Nocturnal Dominion 13:10
3.Solitude Rising (Missing All Exit) 14:02
4.Nidstong 07:50

Total playing time 50:31


Ruben said...

Muy buen disco y mezcla bastante original.

Excelentes melodías del más tradicianal Doom/Death muy al estilo británico, con partes lentas, pesadas y funestas propias del Funeral Doom.

Maloi said...

Here is no need to wtite that mambers from Saturnus.
"The Black Holes Of Your Mind" speaks for itself ))

Anonymous said...

Great shit!! Best funeral doom in a while!!

Anonymous said...

great melodies and moods, a bit too monotonous/repetitive at times (I think of the end of first song in particular.

GROND said...

Black wreath and Stabat Mater, best releases of 2009

Custodio said...

Dios mío!! miembros de Saturnus y Blazing Eternity! este disco está impresionante, en verdad lo he disfrutado mucho, esas weepping guitars son de lo que más disfruto del doom. Gracias Doomstermaniac! otro lanzamiento fuerte para el 2009!

Anonymous said...

Not bad but for me this sounds like the last Pantheist album, songs like Nocturnal Dominion has much light!!!.