Monday, June 8, 2009

Ava Inferi - Burdens (2006)

Genre : Melodic Dark Doom with Gothic influences
Country : Portugal

Ava Inferi is an excellent band from Portugal. Their style in the first albums is Dark Doom with amazing female vocals, some Gothic influences, awesome guitars, melodic riffs, obscure atmosphere, enigmatic melodies, mysterious soundscapes, keyboards/piano, and acoustic passages. Ava Inferi is absolute darkness.
Highly recommended!!!

Recommended for fans of early The 3rd and The Mortal, Dismal, It Will Come, Skumring, Paradigma...!!!

1.Ava Inferi 04:19
2.The Shrine 00:33
3.A Glimpse of Sanity 07:06
4.The Wings of Emptiness 05:34
5.Sinisters 09:36
6.Vultos 04:50
7.Fate of Mountains 08:38

Total playing time 40:33

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