Friday, June 19, 2009

Serenade - The 28th Parallel (1995)

Genre : Melodic Doom/Melodic Doom Death
Country : England

First album from Serenade. Their style is Melodic Doom with Progressive Rock influences, melodic riffs, guitar solos, intricate melodies, instrumental passages, clean vocals and grunts. This album is very hard to find. Highly recommended!
Thanks to Doomlord for this excellent contribution!

1.Introduction: 1492 01:38
2.Daring To Dream 06:25
3.The Hearing 03:28
4.Ocean of Despair 05:25
5.Beyond The Mist 05:19
6.Arrival: I. San Salvador, II. The Encounter 05:45
7.Homeward: 1. Eden, 2. To Face The Glory 07:25
8.Eden After The Fall 07:18
9.This Was Their World 06:10
10.Eternal Dream 02:18

Total playing time 51:11

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