Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lord Grief - An Abyss of Loss (Demo 2006)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : United States

Excellent second Demo from Lord Grief, it's crushing Funeral Doom with melodic riffs, melancholic atmosphere, depressive melodies, sorrowful keyboards, and cavernous grunts. This work is full of depression, sadness, darkness, and melancholy. Absolutely hard to find! Highly recommended!!!

This Demo is a contribution of Lord Grief to Doomstermaniac's Blog! Thanks for sharing your work with us!!!

1.Trust in Misery 06:31
2.Ya Vas Lubil 05:50
3.Death of Agony 07:53
4.The Forgotten Legends 06:47

Total playing time 27:01

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Custodio said...

Waaaaoh Lord Grief rules!!! finalmente puedo escuchar este demo! Me encanta la música de Lord Grief, es tan melancólica! Gracias a ti Doomster y al gran Lord Grief!