Sunday, June 28, 2009

Necrotic Trust - Dry Our Fears (2005/Re-released 2007) 2 Bonus Tracks

Genre : Dark Doom
Country : Ukraine

This is the first Necrotic Trust album. They play Dark Doom with melodic riffs, obscure atmosphere, acoustic passages, some melancholic moments, bleak keyboards, spoken vocals and clean voices. Interesting and strange release!

1.The Point of Fear 02:43
2.Revelling in Decay 03:17
3.A Conflict Point 03:25
4.A Poison for Flesh 03:27
5.Hysterical Eden 03:22
6.The Light Can't Belong 04:13
7.My Naked Misery 04:05
8.Dry Our Fears 04:59
9.A Plague Spot 04:03
10.Dysangelium 05:03
11.Bloodcast 03:52

Total playing time 42:29

1 comment:

Fabio said...

AWESOME!!!! sinister yet beautiful!!