Sunday, June 14, 2009

Darkflight - Under the Shadow of Fear (2002)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Doom
Country : Bulgaria

Awesome debut album from Darkflight, full of melancholy, sadness, darkness and anguish. Accompanied by melodic riffs, majestic atmosphere, sorrowful keyboards, female vocals and growls. This album is very pleasant. Highly recommended!

1.Moonlight Battle 05:51
2.The Eclipse of Life 05:14
3.Black Spirit 04:57
4.A Call for the Dragons 04:52
5.Under the Shadow of Fear 04:50
6.To Die in Your Arms 04:00
7.Occult Rituals 04:25
8.Alone Somewhere Beyond 06:12

Total playing time 40:21


Helga said...

simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is the 2008 album "perfectly calm". Just wanted to point it out.

Great band. Liked it a lot.


Doomstermaniac said...

Hey anonymous, what hell you speak? This is the 2002 Darkglight album!Please search correct information!!!

iiiiiii said...

Yes, it's the debut album of the band. A wonderful surprise for me, I recommend it to all fans of Summoning.

Sacris said...

Great album very atmospheric and dark.