Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Count Raven - Storm Warning (1990/Re-released 2005) 2 Bonus Tracks

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Sweden

Count Raven plays awesome Traditional Doom with heavy riffs, guitar solos, perfect melodies, excellent composition, and clean vocals in Ozzy's style. This band is really amazing and one of the best traditional Doom bands of all time. All their releases are highly recommended!!!

Note : In this album Christian Linderson did the vocals, who also did the vocals on the St. Vitus album "C.O.D."

1.Intro: Count Raven 03:08
2.Inam Naudemina 05:52
3.True Revelation 08:56
4.In the Name of Rock 'n' Roll 04:25
5.Sometimes a Great Nation 06:06
6.Within the Garden of Mirrors 06:59
7.A Devastating Age 08:40
8.How Can It Be 06:22
9.Social Warfare 07:19
10.High Beliefs (taken from "Demo 1989") 05:30
11.Frightened Eyes Never Lie (taken from "Indignus Famulus" Demo) 04:08

Total playing time 01:07:26

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doomaniac said...

Great classic doom !