Sunday, June 21, 2009

Letargy Dream - Осколки памяти (Fragments of Memory) 2006

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Russia

In this album the band plays Doom Death with melodic riffs, melancholic melodies, sorrowful keyboards, slow rhythm, bleak atmosphere, sad clean vocals and deep grunts. This album is pleasant. Highly recommended!

1.Слёзы Октября - Intro 02:06
2.Отдай печаль свою 13:14
3.Так предрешено 10:24
4.Предсмертный танец 15:16
5.Осколки памяти 11:04
6.Into the Lake of Ghosts (My Dying Bride cover) 06:14
Total playing time 58:18

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