Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Elbereth - ...And Other Reasons (1995)

Genre : Melodic Doom with Folk influences
Country : Spain

This is the only album from Elbereth. Their style is Melodic Doom with some Folk influences, melodic riffs, slow melodies, rhythm changes, violins, bagpipes, acoustic passages, female vocals and some male clean voices. Interesting release!

1.From The Sea Cliff 01:54
2.The Idyllic Place Of Innocence 04:55
3.The End Of The 2nd Act 05:36
4.April Rain 04:57
5.Four Roses In My Heart 03:54
6.The Beautyful Story 03:08
7.Crystal World 02:16
8...And Other Reflections 04:50
9.So Much Affliction 05:50
10.Fallen Leaves 05:21
11.Forgotten Forever 05:38
12.Nostalgic Hamonies Brings The Wind 04:40
13.Autumn Concert 02:04

Total playing time 55:03

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