Friday, June 12, 2009

Darkflight - Perfectly Calm (2008)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Doom
Country : Bulgaria

Second full-length from this interesting band. It's Melodic Black Doom with majestic atmosphere, crushing guitars, melodic riffs, acoustic passages, slow rhythm, beautiful melodies, and sorrowful keyboards. Highly recommended!

1.Indifferent 09:35
2.Dissolving into Nothingness 07:13
3.Distant Pain 05:14
4.Perfectly Calm 06:46
5.Yet Here I Stand 07:50
6.Better than Real 05:07
7.Regard d'Outre Monde 07:44
8.L'Ether Astral 10:14

Total playing time 59:43

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iiiiiii said...

Darkflight is in your blog, excellent news !
If you like Summoning, just listen this band.