Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eternal Sorrow - Legacy (2002)

Genre : Dark Doom Death
Country : Brazil
This is the second full-length of the band and their masterpiece. This album contains melodies more sophisticated with elaborated compositions, majestic keyboards, Dark atmosphere, excellent melodies, rhythm changes, acoustic passages, powerful grunts, clean vocals and some female voices. This album is for fans of Desire.
Highly recommended!!!

1.Ashes 06:13
2.To Perpetuate My Distance 03:41
3.Dunes 04:28
4.And the Waters Took My Soul 06:07
5.Night Veils 05:18
6.Worry 03:35
7.Ammanda Thase 05:54
8.Shroud 04:06
9.The Last Rain 14:11

Total playing time 53:33

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