Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eternal Sorrow - The Way of Regret (1998)

Genre : Dark Doom Death
Country : Brazil

Debut album of this amazing Brazilian band. Their style is Doom Death with Dark atmosphere, melodic riffs, acoustic passages, melancholic melodies, obscure keyboards, rhythm changes, and deep grunts. Some tracks of this album contains a Funeral Doom atmosphere, like "Funeral Waltz" and "Eternal Sorrow".
This album is the most obscure work of the band.

Eternal Sorrow is one of the best bands that I have heard from Brazil. All their releases are highly recommended!!!

1.Eternal Sorrow 07:04
2.Funeral Waltz 06:07
3.Final State of Depression 03:27
4.The Twilight of Life 08:09
5.Lonely Sufferance 06:18
6.My Silence 02:41
7.Dreams of Reality 06:28
8.Shadow of a Sorcerer 05:26
9.Memories 01:36
10.Epilogue 00:32

Total playing time 47:48

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deidra said...

This album is better, in my humble opinion, than Legacy, it has more atmosphere. Wonderful band, however.