Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marsyas - Lonely Tears (2003)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death/Epic & Pagan influences
Country : Romania

This is the first album of this interesting band. Their style is Doom Death with Epic and Pagan influences, melodic riffs, rhythm changes, keyboards, beautiful atmosphere, deep grunts, harsh and clean vocals. Highly recommended!!!

Thanks for this contribution to Deidra!

1.As The Whispers Gather... 01:09
2.Forever After You 04:28
3.Messenger Of Life 05:18
4.Sunset 04:41
5.Intermezzo 02:08
6.Memories 05:59
7.Sunset (acoustic version) 04:20
8.Lonely Tears 06:17
9...And Leave 00:59

Total playing time 35:19


deidra said...

Their first and, unfortunately, last album. The band split up.

omid said...

tanx so much.