Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Abismo - Occasus a Lux Enimus Candelae (2008)

Genre : Dark Ambient with Drone Noise Doom influences (Instrumental)
Country : Brazil

Interesting first release of the band. Their style is minimalist Dark Ambient with some Drone, Noise, and Doom influences. The melodies are hellish symphonies to darkness, this a journey into the abyss. This release is only for open minds, you haven't listened nothing like this. Recommended!
Thanks to Diego for sharing his release!

01.Ultimo Canto Cíclico do Sol - Part I 04:26
02.Animarum Elatum Terminus Meridianus 20:03
03. Vergo Nihilum 39:48
04.Ultimo Canto Cíclico do Sol - Part II 13:39

Total playing time 01:17:57


Anonymous said...

...This release is only for open minds.... Yes only for people who likes noise, post rock and dont for real doomsters ;).

Anonymous said...

Drone/Noise/Dark/Ambient, dense and complex just for who that look for the hell inside of themselves. Sounds of decadence and misery, without life.

Obscure, without a doubt very obscure!