Friday, May 8, 2009

Officium Triste - Charcoal Hearts : 15 Years of Hurt (Best of Compilation - 2009)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Netherlands

New release of these "masters of depression" with motive of their 15 years of doomed career. This best of compilation offer us a brand new song "No Hope", very crushing and sorrowful; "My Charcoal Hearts" acoustic version; a funny Killing Joke cover; 2 tracks from the Split '98 with Cold Mourning; and remixed versions of the "Mountains of Depressiveness" EP '96. This compilation is very interesting and collectors stuff. Highly recommended!!!

1.No Hope 06:32
2.Divinity (re-recorded) 06:39
3.My Charcoal Heart (acoustic version) 05:02
4.Love Like Blood (Killing Joke cover) 05:28
5.Fading Like A Dying Candle 07:24
6.Downfall (Through Veils of Grey) 07:58
7.Intro: Officium Triste part II 01:29
8.Mountains of Depressiveness 05:20
9.Dreams of Sorrow 05:17

Total playing time 51:15

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