Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vhernen - Vhernen (2007)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Black Doom
Country : Faroe Islands
This is the first full-length of this excellent band. In this album their style is Black Doom with Ambient and Funeral influences, obscure atmosphere, crushing guitars, distorted riffs, rhythm changes, apocalyptic passages, sepulchral march, depressive melodies, electric cello, harp, and screaming vocals.
Vhernen is awesome; the melodies are coldness, suffering, depression, despair, sadness, melancholy, solitude, devastation, and anguish. This album is highly recommended!!!

1.Efterår 08:27
2.In solstice 09:19
3.Advent 08:18
4.Vinter 05:18
5.Requiem 10:52
6.Lopransfjørður/Ende 15:09

Total playing time 57:23


Anonymous said...

Too fast for be Doom Metal!!!, this stuff is Black Metal at all!!! and many Doomsters dont like Black!!!.

Doomstermaniac said...

If you don't like Black Doom please don't listen this. I post albums for all Doom tastes!

I know many doomsters that like this genre!

Anonymous said...

I like black metal!! and yeah this is a black metal release, GOOD !!!.