Sunday, May 10, 2009

Les Chants de Nihil - Ma plus Douce Vermine (2008)

Genre : Depressive Black Doom
Country : France

This is the new release of this excellent band. In this album they play Black Doom with depressive melodies, funereal atmosphere, classical arrangements, heavy guitars, melodic riffs, rhythm changes, obscure keyboards/organ, and anguished Black growls. This release is amazing, melancholic, dark and depressive to the bones!
Highly recommended!!!

1.La Paresse Exaltée 07:12
2.Ma Plus Douce Vermine 12:13
3.Le Sucre 19:30
4.Ekklesia 13:15

Total playing time 52:10


Anonymous said...

La Liberte Guidant le Fer_2008 please !

anyel said...

La Liberte Guidant le Fer