Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Obsessed - The Obsessed (1990)

Genre : Traditional Doom with 70's Rock influences
Country : United States

The Obsessed is one of the first Doom Bands in the history of this sacred genre; formed by Scott "Wino" Weinrichis (Saint Vitus, Place of Skulls, Wino, Spirit Caravan...). Their style is Traditional Doom with 70's Rock influences or Classic 70's Rock with Doom & Black Sabbath influences, the result is the same, ****ing good Metal with raw riffs, guitar solos, heavy melodies, Stoner passages, rhythm changes and excellent clean vocals.
Recommended for Classic Doomsters!

1.Tombstone Highway 03:30
2.The Way She Fly 02:22
3.Forever Midnight 04:59
4.Ground Out 03:17
5.Fear Child 01:55
6.Freedom 06:00
7.Red Disaster 03:51
8.Inner Turmoil 02:22
9.River of Soul 04:20

Total playing time 32:36

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